B5.12 Ball Bearing 12" Tone Arm

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The B-5.12 is a ball bearing arm made with pure aluminium alloy precisely machined material enables the best damping vibration feedback effect.

Please Note Well: The Tone Arm is available in 2/3 weeks upon order confirmation and payment accepted

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The B-5.12 features four high precision custom made GRW-Germany ball bearings designed to enable very low noise to get the smoothest musical details.
The vertical ball bearings are pivoted through custom stainless steel threaded bolts manually adjusted, while the horizontal movement is driven by two micro ball bearings directly inserted in the main rectified pivot of the arm runs into the 23mm diameter arm shaft from which the arm can be secured to the turntable plinth. 



Typology: 12” Ball Bearing Tonearm
Effective length: 295mm
Overhang: 12mm
Arm wand: finely machined aluminium
Shaft: 23mm
Dynamic effective mass: 15g
VTF: 0.195N (21g)
VTA: adjustable on collar
Lift: hydraulic and adjustable
Anti skating: wire
Azimuth: adjustable through 2mm hex-bolt on headshell
Internal cables: AWG36 Hyper Litz shielded 99,9999% OFC
External cables: 1m custom 5 pole DIN/RCA

Total length: 390mm
Total weight: 3600g


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