Sound Master 60 - Stereo Integrated Amplifier


The Sound Master 60 is a single ended Dual-Mono solid state stereo integrated amplifier that uses a proprietary electronic design called Mirror-Amp™. The Mirror-Amp™ enables the preamplifier stage to work as a super class A amplifier.

Chassis fully made of Aluminium

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The Mirror-Amp™ is a the gain stage made with a proprietary cascode differential amplifier with a mirror current, producing a super-linear signal, thus virtually eliminating distortion.

The power supply is handled by three different transformers custom made. Two transformers are dedicated to the audio signal, the other one to all the functions that could adversary affect the sound of the amplifier, such as the motorised volume control, the checking relays, the power ON led light and even the micro-chip used for some electro-mechanical functions.

The Sound Master 60 does not have active or passive filters on the audio signal path. Instead, a proprietary design features four passive thermal switches switch off the amplifier power when it reaches an internal temperature of 80°Celsius (180°Fahrenheit). This feature, while preventing, dangerous operating conditions also enables the amplifier to achieve best sonic performance.

The Sound Master 60 has a wide inductive and resistance acceptance so it can be matched with any kind of audio cables.

Its chassis is all made of alluminium to minimize RFI and EMI interferences. Selected components have thight tolerances. The use of a Dual-Mono power supply allows the S-1 Signature to sound open & natural

Technical Specifications

FRONT PANEL: Silver Aluminium

DIMENSIONS: 430mm L x 90mm H x 350mm D

WEIGHT: Kg. 7,00

FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz - 20KHz @ +/- 3dB

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): 0,1% @ 20Hz - 20KHz

INPUT IMPEDANCE: 47 Kohm (47Kohm MM o 470ohm MC optional)

INPUT SENSIVITY: 550 mV (0,9 to 5,0 mV MM variable acceptance optional) - (0,3 to 0,8 mV MC variable acceptance optional)

RATIO SIGNAL/NOISE: -102dB                

SLEW RATE: 13 Volt/µs Line

POWER OUTPUT: 50w+50w   20-20.000Hz


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