U39 Unipivot Tone Arm

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The U-39 is a top class 9 inches Gold Note Uni-Pivot tone arm designed to achieve the best audio performance the single pivot guarantees because is extremely low friction.

Please Note Well: The Tone Arm is available in 2/3 weeks upon order confirmation and payment accepted

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High end 1005 Made in Italy

High end 1005 Made in Italy

High end 1005 Made in Italy

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The U-39 features a 6082 aluminium alloy arm wand  finely machined and carefully hand assembled to get the best possible performance.

The U-39 features an exclusive titanium 0.2mm rounded & rectified pivot enables top audio performance with the lowest possible smooth friction. 

The Titanium pivot seats into an adjustable bronze bearing that allows both VTA and geometry modification to finely set up the arm following customised sound performance.

The out of centre drilled counterweight allows easily azimuth adjust and tracking weight precision.

The 23mm diameter arm shaft with an effective length of 233mm let the U-39 to be easily installed in any turntable requires giant length to minimize the tracking error/offset factor.



Typology: 9" Unipivot Tonearm
Effective length: 233mm
Overhang: 12mm
Arm wand: finely machined aluminium
Shaft: 23mm
Dynamic effective mass: 15g
VTF: 0.195N (21g)
VTA: adjustable on collar
Lift: hydraulic
Anti skating: wire
Azimuth: adjustable through 2mm hex-bolt on headshell
Internal cables: AWG36 Hyper Litz shielded 99,9999% OFC
External cables: 1m custom 5 pole DIN/RCA

Total weight: 290g


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